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Behind the brand

Hi, it's Jilt here, the owner of CHAYNE. I just wanted to tell you a little bit more about me and what CHAYNE is all about...

Back in 2019 I started CHAYNE

J. Cole kick-started my love of hip-hop; the first hip-hop song I really listened to was ‘Return of Simba'. I dove deeper into J. Cole’s music and really resonated with his classic mixtapes ‘Friday Night Lights’ & ‘The Come Up’. J. Cole remains one of my favourite artists along with many others..

Hip-hop changed my life and I know what it’s like to feel a personal connection to an artist, especially if their album tells a story. A good artist will inspire you and make you feel like you resonate with the story they’re telling.

I wanted a way to express the connection I felt to my favourite artists and hip-hop culture. And that’s when I decided to change the jewelry game. 

CHAYNE offers meaningful, dope jewelry for the culture which bridges the gap between cultural icons/moments and fans. CHAYNE gives everyone a way to express their love for the culture, hiphop, feel closer to their favourite artist or represent an album that changed their life. 

Of course all of this without having to worry about getting a green neck or chains snapping - we stand behind our pieces which means you get a lifetime warranty on every jewelry piece in our store.

Check out our dope range of top-quality jewelry for the culture.